Experimental Models – the Company

Experimental Models was born from the hobby of his founder Paolo D’Alessandro. His idea was to create something new in aeromodelling field.

The birthday of Experimental Models is dated July 2009 and the company is well known now since its activity cover the radio controlled autogyros equipped with both thermal or electric motors. It is one of very few companies working all around the world in the special field of this fantastic and still mysterious flying machine.

Experimental Models accurately produce several kits in Italy on the basis of Paolo aero modelling experience.

Today few companies are giving attention to the RC autogyro particular field, autogyro being a real niche of the model market, but it is very interesting, easy to fly, plenty of satisfactions.

In the past many aeromodellers tried to build various autogyros by inspiring their design more or less to the products of the inventor, the Spanish engineer Juan La Cierva. With the unique support of their fantasy many times they suffered poor or negative results and created a bad advertisement of the autogyro field.

Many companies never invested for designing and producing good RC autogyro models by thinking the market niche has no possibility of reimbursing their efforts or create some profit.

Today Experimental Models is capable and proud to propose various kits to the curious aeromodellers or the enthusiasts of this flying machine.
The company is growing in Italy even during the present difficult period for the economy.


The experience of Experimental Models cover a large bay, from a small electric prototype of the indoor autogyro to the big Maxi models, having rotor diameter of 2,80 to 3,20 m. The models Gyro-One, Maxi Magni M16 et Maxi Arrow AC.10 are proposed to the market.

Experimental Models have many interesting ideas never developed in the field of RC aero modelling.

And there is the engagement of the company founder, the aeromodeller Paolo D’Alessandro.